Breakout Prison Outreach (BPO)

Breakout Prison Outreach (BPO)


In 1987, Breakout Prison Outreach (BPO), a 501©3 California Non-profit Religious Corporation, has remained the Christian ministry service arm of the organization.

BPO’s mission is to:
  • Educate youth and adults regarding the pitfalls of living a drug and gang lifestyle.
  • Assist those that are looking to find their way out of a drug and gang lifestyle.
  • Create alternatives that will enhance their “new” lifestyle.

Although the core outreach activities of BPO began in the state institutional facilities, Founder Pastor Ortiz saw the great need to assist this population in returning back into the community. Throughout the years, he established and operated the Breakout Prison Outreach Men’s Training Center, the House of Lydia Women’s Home, a Men’s Sober Living Re-entry Home, an Out-Patient Program, and a Youth Home.


Today, Breakout Prison Outreach still conducts ministry and family support activities for incarcerated individuals and their families, such as going into various state prisons to speak to the prisoners, offering them words of hope and encouragement, and guiding them to find a better way of life through Christian-based teaching and values.

In 2012, BPO was awarded funding to start “The Good Samaritan Project”, a faith-based re-entry resource center that provides care and support to men and women recently released from incarceration and living in Santa Clara County.

The organization serves all individuals regardless of their faith.